Announcing NFA Premiere- Zip’s Blues for Two

Announcing NFA Premiere- Zip’s Blues for Two

The Highs and Lows of Harmony Flutes is a presentation that first began in 2021 for the National Flute Association’s virtual convention. Tatiana Cassetta and Heather Neuenschwander from Flute Specialists decided it would be fun and informative to showcase flutes not often seen by playing duets. For one of these duets they decided it would be fun to take an E-flat flute and a B-flat flute and play a piece that is normally intended for clarinet and saxophone. The piece they chose was Duo Sonata by Gregory Wanamaker. See their performance here.

When they contacted the composer for permission he was a bit skeptical and offered some suggestions but in the end he was so impressed he wrote this review:

When preparing to present this showcase in person for the 2022 50th anniversary convention, Heather and Tatiana agreed that they’d love to commission a brand new piece by Gregory Wanamaker. This led to the creation of Zip’s Blues for Two for E-flat and B-flat flutes. Tatiana and Heather will give the premiere for this duet on Friday August 12 at 1:30 in PDR2. After the showcase, come to booth 300 in the exhibit hall to try these instruments for yourself!

Composer Gregory Wanamaker created a trailer for this piece and we hope you will watch and enjoy learning about Zip’s Blues.

Zip’s Blues for Two is named after my chipmunk friend Zippy, who is in her third season of keeping me company on my back porch since the pandemic began. The mood and energy of the piece certainly reflects her own whether she is running around gathering food or sitting in my lap and playing the harmonica.

It is a short, flashy piece modeled after the traditional blues harmonies and structures. It was commissioned by Flute Specialists specifically for the uncommon (but brilliant) pairing of the unusual (but also brilliant) Eb and Bb flutes, for their presentation at the 2022 National Flute Association Convention in Chicago.

Zip’s Blues for Two makes use of the entire ranges of both instruments, in both lyric and energetically driving sections. It is approximately three and a half minutes in duration.

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