Announcing NFA Premiere – Through and Between

Announcing NFA Premiere – Through and Between

While in town, composer Zachery Meier met up with Heather Neuenschwander from Flute Specialists at Sidekick Coffee & Books to discuss his new piece “Through and Between” which was commissioned by Flute Specialists and will be premiered at the upcoming National Flute Association Convention. Through and Between is a duet written for alto flute and bass flute. At the premiere Heather Neuenschwander will play alto flute and Tatiana Cassetta will play bass flute. Flute Specialists is committed to premiering new music at the convention in 2022. “Through and Between” is one of four pieces being premiered at Flute Specialists Exhibitor Showcases. Watch Zachery and Heather discuss the piece and other projects while enjoying a great cup of coffee!

**The Highs and Lows of Harmony Flutes**
Friday August 12, 1:30-2 p.m. PDR 2

Come to booth 300 at the convention to try these instruments for yourself! The duet will be available for purchase after the premiere.

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