Patricia George’s Laundry Routine
for The Flute Scale Book by George & Louke

As described in FluteSpresso Episode 24 with Patricia George on November 6, 2022

Goal: 25- to 60-minutes

Begin practice with a few exercises from Chapter 3 for embouchure development and flexibility.

Ask: What does my playing need and practice that.
(Ideas: articulation such as T, Key, Hah; slurring patterns (see page 141-144); vibrato; dynamics; and articulation marks (detache, staccato, tenuto, portamento, marcato)

Practice the entire exercise for the first page listed below. In most cases this will be several pages. Put a paper clip on each of the starting pages so you can easily flip to the page of the day.

Monday: pages 76, 84, 92 (flat keys), 93 (flat keys), 94 or 62-63
Tuesday: pages 81, 84, 92 (sharp keys), 93 (sharp keys), 99 or 64-65
Wednesday: pages 76, 84, 92 (flat keys), 93 (flat keys), 107
Thursday: pages 81, 84, 92 (sharp keys), 93 (sharp keys), 110 (at first start on B7)
Friday: pages 76, 84, 92 (flat keys), 93 (flat keys), 113 (at first start on B7)
Saturday: pages 81, 84, 92 (sharp keys), 93 (sharp keys), 116, 138

The Art of Chunking
Goal: 15 minutes. Remember to read in one-inch chunks on one blow of air.
Practice one lesson per week. When chunking the Hugues etudes, chunk by 4 sixteenths or 6 sixteenths depending whether the meter is simple or compound. Play each chunk slurred as fast as you can do accurately on one blow of air. Think of the fingers moving from the third knuckle back from the naill (except left index finger) in a down and up motion. Do not omit the harmonic exercises especially those on pages 118 and 132. Play the harmonic exercises with vibrato for added resistance.

The Top Octave Book
Goal: 15 minutes
Warmup Review pages 6-7
Pages 8-22, one page a week (eventually one a day). Use your tuner.
Once pages 8-22 are good, move on to the exercises on page 23-39. The goal is to play the scales, triads and seventh chords at least 8 times on one blow of air.
Page 41 to end. One melody per week. Follow the phrasing rules on page 40. Use a tuner. Problem notes: E3, F#3, G#3, Bb3 for pitch issues.

The Flute Vibrato Book
Goal: 5 to 10 minutes
Practice the opening pages. There are some great ideas to use when practicing scales that you can apply to the notes in The Flute Scale Book.
Then starting on page 16 to end of the book, practice one page per day with measured/counted vibrato.
Advanced players, do check out pages 39 and 45.

Questions? Email Patricia- [email protected]