Flute Specialists’ Favorite Things

  1. Roi Master Flute Cleaner – I have so many swabs, this one is definitely my favorite. It gets ALL the moisture out of my flute – even up towards the crown!
  2. 33mm LefreQue – This lefreQue (paired with my Hammig piccolo) has absolutely enhanced my tone, especially in the low register.
  3. Fluterscooter Black Patent Leather Bag – This is the most gorgeous flute bag! It’s also spacious, so it can hold all the extra accessories you usually keep in your standard flute case cover.
  4. Lowell Liebermann Sonata for Flute and Piano – One of my all time favorite Sonatas!!
  5. Anze Rozman’s Little Suite of Mythological Beings – I love anything by Anze Rozman. His music is so much fun to play in ensembles and great to listen to!
  6. BG Microfiber Pad Dryer – The pad dryer is the PERFECT thing to keep in your case, especially if you’re someone who gets a lot of moisture in your pads.
  1. Roi 153 Flute Bag – With a chic and sleek design, these flute bags are a perfect fashion statement for all flutists. You can fit your flute, piccolo, music and essentials easily in this bag. I love all of the hidden organizational compartments inside!
  2. Celestine Flute Rexonator – This is a modern headjoint cork replacement designed to provide various options to enhance your tone quality and improve the resonance in your sound depending on which band thickness you decide to use. These are easy to install with the assistance of one of our Team Members, or can be installed for free by shipping your flute to Flute Specialists.
  3. Overtones: A Comprehensive Flute Series Repertoire Books – These books are filled with exciting and fun repertoire for beginning to intermediate students. Available in increasing difficulty levels, this is a great gift for the flute teachers or eager and motivated beginning flutists in your life!
  4. Glissando Headjoint – Perfect for the adventurous flutist in your life! This headjoint is designed by Robert Dick and fits most flute bodies. Giving flutists an entirely new mode of expression, this headjoint opens up a world of possibilities of different techniques and sound effects and pairs well with The Glissando Flute Book by Melissa Keeling.
  5. In A Living Memory for Solo Flute by Toshi Ichiyanagi – This piece is an absolute showstopper, perfect for advanced flutists who like to explore repertoire that is a bit out of the box. Written for solo flute, this is a super unique and exhilarating piece to program on an upcoming online recital.
  1. Wiseman Cases – These Wiseman cases are sturdy yet sleek. Since they come in a variety of colors they are a stylish way to protect your flute.
  2. Muramatsu Flutes – I’ve played on a Muramatsu flute for almost 2 decades and I love being a part of the Muramatsu family. Muramatsu flutes offer the projection and versatility that I crave in my playing. While I don’t ACTUALLY own a platinum clad Muramatsu, I WISH I did and it’s definitely one of my favorite things.
  3. Beaumont Cleaning Cloths – I love these beaumont cleaning cloths and their various colors and patterns. Since I’m one of those people who loves the color purple, this Damson Lace pattern was a no-brainer.
  4. Music by Valerie Coleman – I love Valerie Coleman’s compositions for myself and also for my flute choir. Her pieces are challenging, contain varying styles and rhythmic elements and there are extended techniques that are interesting for the performer and the listener. I’m very excited to chat with Valerie on Flutespresso!
  5. Flute Specialists Gift Cards – I’m so happy to introduce the new Flute Specialists virtual gift cards for use on our web site. There are many available patterns in the themes of holiday, thank you, congratulations, birthday and generic. Working at Flute Specialists just makes me want to buy new music and accessories (and even instruments!) every day. These are a perfect gift for the flutist in your life.