New Voice Treble Flute

The New Voice Treble Flute is a wonderful choice for musicians looking to enhance tonal quality, lower instrument weight, and connect more to their music through increased musical feedback. Imagine not only being able to hear what you're playing but feel it also through the pleasing natural vibration this material offers. The additional heightened perception allows musicians to be more connected to their music in ways they did not know was possible, primarily because this connection is not possible with traditional metal flutes. While the material used in the production of the New Voice line is not as dense as the material used in professional models, the New Voice line still offers some of the same great features. The New Voice line will excite and astonish even the most critical player.
Manufacturer: New Voice by Guo

G Major
New Voice headjoint and body
Four colors
Hand cut embouchure
Undercut tone holes for accurate intonation
Includes case, shoulder bag and cleaning rod

Hear it in action here: