Learning the Crystal Flute (Book & CD)

This book describes the basic skills necessary to play the flutes. It covers the methods for holding the flute, producing a sound, playing the lower and upper registers, single, double and triple tonguing, staccato notes, changing octaves, half tones, and complete fingering charts for all models of Hall Crystal Flutes. The CD plays the songs in the book and includes additional instruction.
Manufacturer: Hall Crystal Flutes

• Size: 9 x 12 inches

• Book: 23 pages

• CD: 32 minutes

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Hall Crystal Flute in D - Green Ivy

The largest crystal flute produces deep and beautiful mellow tones. This flute is highly recommended for the adult professional and novice players alike. The D flute is the easiest to play providing the finger holes can be sealed properly. The larger embouchure hole requires less air. The D fluteā€™s tone is deeper and mellower than the smaller crystal flutes.

Flute Thumbport Balance Aid for Right Hand Thumb

The Thumbport is made of non-scratching hard rubber and fits under the right thumb on the flute for improved position and balance. Available in a variety of fun colors.