Gemeinhardt Flutes

The Gemeinhardt Company provides a wide range of instruments for the student to the professional. As the Gemeinhardt family did for four generations, the artisans at Gemeinhardt and our worldwide partners share their expertise, passing on the time honored art of musical instrument making from generation to generation, taking great pride in placing the Gemeinhardt name on every instrument.

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Gemeinhardt 2BLK Flute

With a similar resemblance to the Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute, the Gemeinhardt BLK Series 2BLK student flute has a special black nickel coated finish to set it apart. It has a J1 headjoint model, with plateau keys, C foot and comes with a C3 case.
$989.00 $479.00

Gemeinhardt 2SH Flute

The Gemeinhardt 2SH student flute offers the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint combined with the durability of a plated body and the ease of a plateau mechanism. The "J1" standard wall Gemeinhardt headjoint is the standard headjoint choice offered with the 2SH flute. This flute has a solid silver headjoint, silver-plated body & keys, closed hole, and has a C foot.
$1,349.00 $789.00

Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute

Created from a radical redesign of the Gemeinhardt M2 flute, the Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute has been a standard and reliable instrument choice for decades. It remains the most popular instrument selected by dealers and educators for beginning flutists. It is silver-plated throughout, closed hole, and has a C foot.
$979.00 $479.00

Gemeinhardt 2SPCH

The Gemeinhardt 2SPCH student flute provides both a straight and curved headjoint to facilitate comfortable hand positions for players of all ages, both the very young who are unable to reach the full extension of a straight headjoint, as well as mature players returning to the instrument who may choose the accessibility of a curved headjoint. This flute is entirely silver-plated, closed hole, and a C foot.
$1,269.00 $649.00

Galway Crusader Headjoint

Headjoint: Crusader (C1) Head tube: Sterling silver standard wall (.016) Lip plate and riser: Proprietary blend of platinum and "Gemeinhardt’s Sterling Silver Plus"
$2,500.00 $1,499.00