Flute Solos

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Buss, Howard - Seaside Reflections

This beautiful work aptures the serenity of musing by the sea. On the preface page to the score is printed the following free verse by the composer. It is suggested that the poem be narrated immediately before the performance and/or printed in the program notes to set the mood for the music:: “On the shore of eternity swirling currents of liquid chaos gather for and disperse as foam. As rock wears to sand all dissonance transforms to serenity. Time presses no longer.” ©Brixton Publications Grade 3. Duration 7'.

Buss, Howard - Space Renaissance

For solo flute. Dedicated to Elena Cecconi. It was inspired by the tenets of the Space Renaissance Initiative, which is dedicated to influencing world opinion to support space travel and to “lift humanity from the cradle of the Earth.” The 4 movements: Through the Portal, Alien Storm, Introspection and Reaching Beyond address the intriguing opposing mental capacities that allow a human being to tap into his/her inner self to connect with the universe, and also to kindle the desire to reach outward to new adventures and exploration. Grade 5-6. Duration: 7'45".

Buss, Howard - The Asphalt Blanket

The Asphalt Blanket is reflective and laments what is lost in the name of “progress” in the modern world. The title and poem refers to a new highway, what good it brings, and what it covers up. For C flute or alto flute and narrator. Grade 5. Duration: 3'10"

Buss, Howard - Venetian Memoirs

For solo flute. This "tour de force" , dedicated to Elena Cecconi. is based on the composer's experiences in Venice, it is divided into 3 programmatic movements: "PrimoMattino (Early Morning), "Scene di Strada (Sidewalk Scenes)" and "Il Treno del Ritorno (The Train Ride Home)." The character of the music coupled with the inclusion of numerous mini-quotes from Italian folk songs and composers such as Offenbach, Paganini, Palestrina, Rossini, and Vivaldi make this an entertaining, audience-friendly work. Grade 6. Duration 12'.

Buss, Howard - Wave Train

For flute and piano. The interaction of the lyrical melodies in this beautiful and frequently performed work is reminiscent of the patterns created by intermingling waves on the surface of water. Grade 4-5. Duration: 6'15".

Caliendo, Christopher - Meditazione (meditation)

For flute & piano. A composition inspired by the composer's sister for her marriage. Delicately "classical," this meditation captures the loving couple's "base" make-up - that material, sweet and innocent and the forthcoming challenges that lie ahead.

Clarke, Ian - Deep Blue & Beverley

Deep Blue for flute & piano. Beverley for solo flute.

Clarke, Ian - Hatching Aliens

For flute and piano.

Clarke, Ian - Hypnosis

For flute & piano

Clarke, Ian - Orange Dawn

for flute & piano

Clarke, Ian - Spiral Lament

For flute & piano.