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Bernhard Hammig Various Gold Crowns

Other gold crowns in various carats available upon request. Please call for pricing and availability.
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Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown

There has not been a new product like this in the market for flute in over thirty years that will do so much for flutes: quicken response while making the whole instrument more colorful and alive.

Bernhard Hammig Magic Crown with Stopper

The same innovative Magic Crown with a handmade gold stopper.

Bernhard Hammig Stopper

Stopper only.

Bernhard Hammig Stopper

This gold stopper is handmade and, for most players, offers a deepening of existing colors of the flute.

Cork Assembly

This cork assembly comes with matching thread to be used with Jeweled Flute Crowns. Free shipping via Priority Mail.

Flute Crown by Conn-Selmer

Add some sparkle to your headjoint with this Jeweled Flute Crown by Conn-Selmer. Crown will fit many flute brands. (Cork assembly with matching threads available) Free shipping via Priority Mail.

Nylon Assembly for Jeweled Crowns

This high-tech assembly is made of nylon with O rings and comes with matching thread to be used with jeweled flute crowns. Free shipping via Priority Mail.