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Trevor Wye Practice Books for the Flute Omnibus Edition

Trevor Wye's famous Practice books for the flute are invaluable to players of every grade, and have received world-wide acclaim. This Omnibus edition contains Practice Books 1-5, which includes Tone; Technique; Articulation; Intonation and Vibrato; Breathing and Scales. Each book concentrates on individual areas of flute technique in concise detail. Together, the series forms a complete reference to the technical difficulties of the instrument and how to practice. Trevor Wye studied with Geoffrey Gilbert, and most notably the celebrated Marcel Moyse.

Trevor Wye Proper Flute Playing

This companion to Trevor Wye's series of practice books continues the explanation of playing techniques in greater detail. Topics covered include finding a teacher, practicing, auditioning, performing, repertoire and careers.

Ultra Smooth Jazz Grooves for Flute by the Super Groovers

Featuring: Andrew D. Gordon and Frank Villafranca. Influenced by the modern jazz musicians: David Sanborn Kenny G Hubert Laws Nestor Torres Grover Washington Wilton Felder Kirk Whalum

Vega, Mark - Jazz Solo Series For Flute from medium swing to bebop jazz

Learn and improve your improvisational abilities. CD Included! A great instructional tool for musicians and music students to learn or improve their improvisational abilities in the jazz - swing idiom. There are 66 examples in the book, starting at a somewhat easy level and gradually increasing in difficulty throughout the book.

Voxman - Selected Studies for Flute

Advanced Etudes, Scales and Arpeggios in All Major and All Minor Keys.

You Can Play Ukulele Today! - James Hill & J. Chalmers Doane

Play Ukulele Today! covers all the essentials: tuning, a handful of chords, the major scale and half-a-dozen great songs to sing, pick, and strum. Written by the authors of the Ukulele in the Classroom series, this exciting new beginner book is the quickstart guide for everyone!

Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking

Text by Phyllis Avidan Louke & Patricia George Book. Advanced Flute Studies: The Art of Chunking presents the first and only method for flutists to master the process of “chunking” as a pedagogical technique. Through exploration of technical studies, etudes, preludes, cadenzas, and solos, the flutist is introduced to basic through advanced chunking techniques to facilitate reading and tone development. Musical “Bon Bons” for articulation, intonation, and tone development are also integrated into the innovative curriculum. Continuing the pedagogical approach of Flute 101, Flute 102, and Flute 103, The Art of Chunking introduces a powerful learning strategy making it a must-have staple – perfect for use in both private and university studios. 162 pages. Spiral bound.

Paganini-24 Caprices (arr. by Marina PIccinini)

In this new edition, virtuoso flutist Marina Piccinini presents her arrangements of Paganini’s violin Caprices for flute. These iconic showpieces are, in Piccinini’s words “...not mere technical challenges, but inspired miniatures of extraordinary intensity.” Piccinini’s new arrangements of the Caprices remain true to Paganini’s uncompromising artistic vision and showcase an array of challenging techniques that idiomatically exploit the unique tone and expressive range of the flute.

Maquarre, Andre - Daily Exercises for the Flute

Seven daily technique exercises utilizing all major and minor keys.

Cavally, Robert - Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 1

From Andersen, Gariboldi, Koehler and Terschak. Revised by Robert Cavally.

Cavally, Robert - Melodious and Progressive Studies Book 2

From Andersen, Gariboldi, Koehler and Terschak. Revised by Robert Cavally.

Robison, Paula - Flute Warmups Book

All performers need a good warmup before starting to work. “Through the years I have made a collection of my favorite warmups. They were inspired by teachers of all kinds, from all areas of life. It’s now my pleasure to share them with you.”