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Clarke, Ian - Walk Like This!

For flute choir.

Clarke, Ian - Zip Zag Zoo

For flute ensemble.

Damase, Jean-Michel - Trio

For two flutes and piano

Delibes, Leo - Flower Duet

Delibes' Flower Duet (from "Lakmé") arranged for two flutes and piano by Donald Fraser.

Dorff, Daniel - Serenade for Flute and Harp

- COMMISSIONED by the Sparx Duo (Joan Sparks flute and Anne Sullivan harp) - Five-movement suite inspired by "Helas! Je voy" by the 14th-century French composer Solage. (16") I. Estampie II. Mon coeur III. Musette IV. "Helas! Je voy mon cuer a fin venir" V. Rondeau

Dorff, Daniel-Desert Dusk for Alto flute and Cello

COMMISSIONED by Mélomanie, for flutist Kimberly Reighley and cellist Douglas McNames, and premiered in May 2017.

Dorff, Daniel-Folk Song Suite for Two Flutes

1. Oh Susanna 2. Red River Valley 3. Shenandoah 4. Cindy - Mvt 4 premiered by Cindy Rugolo and Cindy Anne Broz at the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention World premiere of complete suite February 12, 2017, Cindy Anne Broz and Ruth Washington Mayhew, Temecula CA. (Length: 8 minutes)

Heritage, Lee - In a Dream of Fabled Lands for flute ensemble

Heritage, Lee. Published by Howard J. Buss, Lakeland, FL. Copyright 1998. A layering of melodic lines that realizes the lush sonority of the flute ensemble. Written by the prize-winning composer.

Hip to the Blues

"Hip To The Blues published by Santorella Publications is a series of 22 jazz duets that combine the best elements of education, playability and musical fun. These lyrical melodies are unique to the industry. The CD is recorded in a “music minus one” fashion with the duet being played in entirety (both parts) if your stereo is evenly balanced. Move the balance to right or left channel to isolate the top or bottom (1st or 2nd) part and play along with Rick Rossi, one of the best studio saxophone or flute reedmen in Los Angeles today.

Hoover, Katherine - Divertimento

For flute, violin, viola, & cello. Divertimento is, as its name implies, a light work, and one that was written with the enjoyment of the players much in mind. The musical sources are international - French, a touch of Russian, a bit of jazz. The fast section of the second movement has short "character" motifs for each instrument, which are sometimes played alone, sometimes mixed, rather like individual steps in an exuberant country dance.

Hoover, Katherine - Lyric Trio

Note by the composer: In 1983 I was commissioned to write a piece for the Huntingdon Trio, a versatile group of musicians whose skills cover several instrumental combinations. I chose to write a substantial piece for flute, cello, and piano, with more emphasis on melody than much of the music being written at that time, so I called it "Lyric Trio".

Hudelson, Brandy - Loops

For beatbox flute quartet in 3 movements. Note from the composer: My inspiration to write Loops came from a desire to expand the complexity of, and possibilities within, the beatbox genre of flute chamber music, beyond what is achieveable in an improvisational setting. At its roots, beatboxing is an improvisational art; however, as in jazz, structure is required in order to perform with larger ensembles. While there are no improvisational elements in these quartets, they may serve as a departure point for flutists who wish to improvise and compose with other beatboxers and musicians.